Episode 4: Batter Rebellion


Redlands, California

For episode 4, I visit Batter Rebellion, a relatively new player on the Redlands restaurant scene. Located in the Cope Building in downtown Redlands, just a block from Umbrella Alley, the eatery offers a unique dining experience with an extremely creative menu and a vibrant interior.

Batter Rebellion fashions itself as a California fusion restaurant with the goal of offering diners an experience that is both different and delicious, from battered twists and beer taps to creative cocktails, I chat with Steven and Jennifer Kramer, who grew up in the local area, to learn about their vision for the Batter Rebellion brand and to hear about what makes their partnership as a married couple who are co-owners work so well. I also discover what it was like to open a restaurant during the pandemic!

Then I have the opportunity to go into the Back of the House to watch some  the most popular menu items being prepared in the kitchen, followed by an interview with chef Heath about his culinary vision and unique twist on popular favorites.  Items he prepares for the camera are the brunch Hash Brown Sliders, Upstream Poke Nachos and special Ceviche. Saturday and Sunday brunch times feature a live DJ, special menu items and shareable cocktails.

At the end of the episode, I have the opportunity to interview diners and hear what their favorite menu items are and why, in such a short time, Batter Rebellion as become one of their favorite places.

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