Episode 3: Cheesewalla


For the third episode, I visit the popular grilled cheese emporium with the colorful name and location, Cheesewalla. The enterprise, which began its life as a Market Night vendor, graduated to a brick and mortar location a handful of years ago. It was the first restaurant to situate itself under the shade of Umbrella Alley and has been a mainstay of that iconic Redlands location ever since.

Its name means “Cheese Guy,” according to co-owners Kamrun Parveen and Kadir Fakir, who are a brother and sister team.  Learn about their vision, their unique take on an American menu staple and their inspiration for creating what has become such a popular Redlands brand. Exciting expansion plans are in the works as well. Watch as chef Kamrun prepares some of the popular menu items served at Cheesewalla, including the Samosa Grilled Cheese, the BBQ Mac & Cheese and the delectable tater tots. Finally I have the opportunity to talk with diners as they are enjoy some of their favorite dishes in the shadow of the colorful umbrellas to get an idea of why Cheesewalla has become such a popular downtown destination.

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