Episode 5: Redlands Oyster Cult

[Coming Soon] Redlands premier oyster house which offers premium seafood in a beautiful, intimate interior. 

Episode 4: Batter Rebellion

For episode 4, I visit Batter Rebellion, a relatively new player on the Redlands restaurant scene. Located in the Cope Building in downtown Redlands, just a block from Umbrella Alley, the eatery offers a unique dining experience with an extremely creative menu and 
a vibrant interior.

Episode 3: Cheesewalla

For the third episode, I visit the popular grilled cheese emporium with the colorful name and location, Cheesewalla. The enterprise, which began its life as a Market Night vendor, graduated to a brick and mortar location a handful of years ago.

Episode 2: Don Orange

In our chat, Karim describes his vision for Don Orange and some of the struggles he’s had owning and operating a restaurant.

About Chef Lee Burton & Go Local Lee

About Chef Lee Burton

Chef Lee grew up in Alabama, where his family enjoyed food and entertaining, then moved to Redlands as a high school junior.  

After graduating from Redlands High School in 1984, he attended Marymount College in Palos Verdes and Cal State San Bernardino, He graduated from the University of Redlands and entered the banking world, followed by 10 years in marketing at Esri in Redlands.

“The desire to work for myself asserted itself and I wanted to enjoy what I was doing, especially when I thought back to what I enjoyed as a kid,” Chef Lee said. He enrolled in the culinary program at the Art Institute of San Bernardino and went on to work as a private chef and in catering, where one of his mentors was beloved Redlands chef Leonard Corbett.

The idea of teaching appealed to him as well and his dream job was to teach cooking to young people. This became a reality when he volunteered in the youth programs at the Burrage Mansion. Teaching kids about healthy cooking and eating and enjoying their enthusiastic response gave him a sense of satisfaction and purpose.

This experience led to his developing culinary teaching programs for youngsters, which he has employed successfully for the Perris School District, the Redlands YMCA and other venues, including adults in health care, municipalities and non-profits.

About The Show

“Go Local Lee” is Chef Lee’s new series of videos aimed at spotlighting local dining and drinking establishments. In these informative segments, he interviews local chefs and restaurant owners to learn about their backgrounds, food philosophies and plans as the industry re-opens and re-tools after the pandemic.

From front-of-the-house interviews with diners to back-of-the-house visits to the kitchens, Chef Lee offers diners an intimate look behind the scenes of their favorite eateries, coffee shops and breweries. 

Episode 1: Darby’s American Cantina

To kick off my new video series highlighting local eateries, I visit one of my favorite places in downtown Redlands, Darby’s American Cantina.

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